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Saturday, 18 June 2011

What is 'GENKI?'

"Genki" is a word, an expression, used broadly in Japanese language.  It means happy, fine, full of beans, energetic, in good health.  I love it's positive meaning and the way it sounds.

Hello!  Welcome.  I called this blog Daily Genki because "Genki" is one of my favourite Japanese expressions.  I'm half Japanese and have been brought up by my family to learn Japanese- my Mum was focused on imbedding the language, morals and attitudes into both me and my brother when we were growing up.  Being quite arty, and with Japan having such a visually rich culture- I have been really lucky to be heavily influenced by Japan's aesthetics.  I grew up loving anime and all things 'kawaii', reading manga, making origami, and being absorbed in all things Japanese.  My earliest memories are from when my family and I lived in Tokyo.  Japan has shaped me both creatively, and as a person.

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