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Sunday, 19 June 2011


Ever since I did a "Yakimono" (traditional Japanese pottery) workshop in Japan, I have discovered a love for ceramics.  I was really excited when I found RouDesign, whose elegant ceramics are available at their etsy shop.  They are a "mother-daughter collaboration and a life-long partnership in art & design", which I think make their work all the more personal and special.

There is definitely a Japanese influence in these beautiful ceramics.  In particular I find the designs with imperfections very charming, like there is an element of chance and unpredictability in the making of them. It must be really exciting to see different results each time.

I love the understated elegance of this vase, with a modest yet intense little splash of colour.  I think these ceramics are just so exquisite! 

All images courtesy of RouDesign.


  1. These ceramic pieces are so cool! I'd use them just for decoration, honestly. Just a hint of that green makes it a lovely piece.

    xo katie elizabeth

  2. Thanks Katie! They are beautiful aren't they? I totally agree with you, they are stunning just as they are.