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Sunday, 11 December 2011


Gosh.... how time flies...  This year seems to have whizzed by!  With Christmas approaching I decided to make some paper decorations to brighten up our little living room.  I found these awesome paper baubles from this gorgeous website and made some with the students I teach and they loved it!  So I got some bright card and did some myself at home too.  They are super easy but look so sweet!  They don't fit on our teeny Christmas tree but would look fab as tree decorations.  They look lovely in white too, like snowballs.
I also made some giant paper snowflakes to decorate our mini tree (no space for a proper tree in our wee flat).
There are some really exciting things in Muji's Christmas range this year and I got this little fella the other day for my boyfriend.  There's lots of lovely things in store which would make great stocking fillers.