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Thursday, 30 June 2011

PAINT IT, MAKE IT! Party for Japan

Last Saturday, along with a group of lovely creative people, I helped take part in Illustration Rally's charity event for the Ganbare Nippon Japan tsunami appeal at The Book Club in East London.  It was a fantastic event, with lots of exciting activities.  Here are some photos from the day.
Natsuki Otani made these wonderful giant origami pieces. They make the girls in the background look tiny!
Amazing live drawing by Kristian Jones, Mister Millerchip, Stephen Chan and Seb Burnett.

Stephen Chan doodling away.  These boys are so talented.

Illustrators Jenny Robins and June Chanpoodimole did live portraits.

Pop up Art shop.  There's still lots of lovely artwork to buy from the Etsy shop here.
Adding the finishing touches.....
Origami workshop, plus Kuretake bought along heaps of their amazing pens to try out!
Getting crafty with zine making.
 Natsuki Otani (of Illustration Rally) and Stephen Chan came up with the idea of making a zine for the event, and managed to get pages designed by some super talented illustrators, including Lesley Barnes, Gemma Correll, Uberkraaft and many many more... See here for the full list...  You can also buy it here from the Etsy shop.

Lea Wade and Stephen Chan ran the zine making workshops, and made it even more exciting by incorporating elements like different textured paper, embellishments, and traditional Japanese book binding techniques. 

The completed live drawing masterpiece... amazing.
 The day was a great success, and all together managed to raise over £300.  Well done Illustration Rally & friends for putting together such a brilliant event!